Tyler Berntsen

Tyler Berntsen

Managing Director of Insurance at Gladstone Insurance Group

Tyler Berntsen understands that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for the dynamic needs of individuals and businesses today. Every client, every need, and every situation is different; which creates the importance of flexibility and customization for each solution. Tyler Berntsen focuses on Life Insurance not only for a solution to create a legacy, but to also create an additional asset class. Disability, Homeowners, Auto, Commercial Auto, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Property, Rental Property, Workers Compensation, Professional Liability, and Personal Liability Insurance.

Being an Independent Insurance Adviser, Tyler is able to fill the need for his client with the best solution available, and not the only one that he can offer. This allows for the client to come first in every step of the planning process, and not just one particular insurance company. The client advocacy strategy of Gladstone Insurance Group is very simple: If you do what is right for your client, then your client will succeed; if your clients succeed, you will succeed. Insurance is not something that can just be thrown together, it is something that takes time and should be planned for properly.

Prior to working at Gladstone Insurance Group, Tyler Berntsen attended Wilkes University. While at Wilkes, Tyler was able to graduate receiving honors in addition to being the captain of the football team. In completion of his undergraduate degree, Tyler pursued and received his Masters in Business Administration.

Tyler was honored with a nomination for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team in 2013. Nominees are individuals that were actively involved and committed to working with charitable organizations, service groups, and creating community service opportunities. On top of maintaining a strong academic standing in the classroom, and leadership on the field. In 2013 there were 150 nominees across all levels of college football.

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